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We are Located in Vancouver, but we have Customer from several different city in Canada!

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Call or text us if you need any Information about our web design Plan Local Number: 778-201-4242 Toll-Free 1-888-302-7205

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Do you provide hosting?

We Provide 1 year free hosting + 1 domain name to any of our customers. After 1 year if you stay with us price will be $75 per years.


What is the minimum price i can pay for a website?

The Very Minimum price For Our Webdesign Service is $500.

If you want Sell online the minimum price for an E-commerce website is $1000

What is the price for a WordPress website?

The Price for a WordPress Website made by WEBBC Range from $500 to $10,000

We suggest to fill out our Quote Form Here to get a very Accurate quote according to your need

How fast my website will be ready?

Typically a normal 5 pages website is ready in 7 to 15 days. Bigger Project can take up to 1 to 6 month.

We also Provide Express Web Design Services for Extra Cost ( with our Express service, a small website site can be done in 24h to 72h)

Do you need upfront payment?

Unfortunaly, yes we do ask for a security deposit* Before Start any project,  please note this security deposit is not refundable.

For $500 Project Full Payment is Required before start.

For any $500 to $1000 Project 50% of the price is required to start.

For any $1000 to $2500 project 50% is required to start.

For any  $2500 to $5000 project 25% is required to start.

For Project bigger than $5000 Contact us 

*more info on our F.A.Q

Why Do you ask for an upfront payment?

In Vancouver life is very fast and expensive. we have a lot of request for web design and we can’t afford to waste our time.

After 15 years in the industry w,e learned a lot.  If we stop to ask for a security deposit, in 1 week we will have over 100 peoples ask us to start a website.

We want to work with serious customers, and we want to make sure they are able to pay us aswell.

Can i pay my website later when i make money with it?

NO, Every day we have peoples ask us to create them a  website and they will be paid us later with a ”X” sales % when the time has come.

Please do not ask the answer will NO!


What is the SEO?

SEO = Search engine Optimisation is the process that allows Poeple to found your website on the Internet with Specific Keyword (Google, Yahoo, Bing ect..)

I need to paid extra for SEO?

At Webbc, All  Website we make include ”On-site SEO”  If you are in a very low Competitive Market and you want to share your website yourself on social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. You may not need more SEO.  

If you are in a Middle, High or Very Competitive market you will need extra ”push” to make people found your website with specific keywords

We Offer monthly SEO Plan starting from $200 per month (this include 3h of work per month).

SEO can be very expensive and the price can go up to $1000 to $5000 per month to hit Google page 1  in a very competitive market.

With your $200 SEO Plan how long before my website hit the page 1 of google?

SEO is a long Process, with a low budget it can take 3 to 9 month before reach Google page 1 with a very competitive keyword.

SEO is time-consuming more you invest money, more work we do every month and faster you will eventually hit page 1 of Google.

Once my website is done who will help me?

We offering 6 months of free maintenance to all our customers. We can also teach you how to do the basic update or the minor edit

If your project is big and requires a lot of time, we offer WordPress Maintenance plan.

  • Flyers design
  • Business card
  • Logo
  • Info graphics
  • Ad Banner
  • Craigslist Ad Picture
  • Facebook Cover
  • Twitter Cover

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