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We are located in Vancouver and we provide WordPress, WIX, Weebly, PHP, HTML Web Design Services in Burnaby, Vancouver, Richmond, Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, and everywhere in Canada.
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Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver  our work

WEBBC | Fast and Fair Vancouver Web design 


At Webbc we want to Create the  ''WOW'' Effect when people visit your Website! We monitor Visitors behavior we keep improve website until you reach a Very Good Conversion Rate!

Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver  promo $499
Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver  our work


Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver
Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver
Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver
Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver
Vancouver web design | WordPress Vancouver

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Call or text us if you need any Information about our web design Plan Local Number: 778-201-4242 Toll-Free 1-888-302-7205

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We are a  BC affordable web design agency veteran-owned, locally operated from Vancouver.

Expert in website design, WordPress Optimization, WordPress developmenteCommerce websitesSEO (search engine optimization = getting found on Google > in simple word)digital marketing consulting, and graphic design; which of course includes, logo design, business card design, and flyer Creation.

  • Flyers design
  • Business card
  • Logo
  • Infographics
  • Ad Banner
  • Craigslist Ad Picture
  • Facebook Cover
  • Twitter Cover
Web Design Vancouver 778-201-4242

We have an Affordable solution and we are ready to help you with:

Construction company website
Hair Saloon website
Restaurant website
Lawyer website
Dentist website
Gym website
Landscaping website
Car Dealer website
Towing Company website
Moving Company website
Locksmith website
Plumber website
Real estate website
Used Car Parts web site
Salvage yard Website
Veterinary Website
Pharmacist Website
Optometrist Website
Cannabis dispensary
Electrician Website
Accounting website
Hotels Website
Bars or Pubs Website
Cars rental Website
Laundry Website
Cleaning Website

And more++


Starting your business online is an art, it takes a bit of strategy, an open mind and some strategy. With that said, our staff at WEB BC  building websites that not only inform the visitor about who your business and what you do, but also look great everywhere (responsive websites, mobile-friendly websites) while they’re converting repeating visitors into customers. Our expert can create Logo, 3d Intro Video, Banner flyers and more, but more important also  CONVERT Visitor into a Customer. Now, are you starting to see where I going with this?

Everything we do at Vancouver Web Design is designed for conversion, which means more customers calling or filling out your contact forms, or emailing you. Which transform into,  you probably know, more cash $$ in your pocket. And let’s be honest, you are only Wanted a new website to do just that.


Imagine every page on your website as an open door to your online store (even if you don’t sell a product online). But be serious, if you’re starting or running a website you ARE selling something online. You want to be able to sell your service or product to every single person who found your website. We know you’ve heard that old Quote “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Well, this Sentence is even more important with a Website.


So if you have an awesome SEO strategy to bringing customers to your website with a beautiful, professionally designed web site – how many visitors do you think you can convert into Customer?  The answer is very complex.. It depends on the industry and you direct competition online. One thing we know is if your website looks like a 1996 website with all those flash banner and gif animation it does not make it easy.

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Now, how exactly do you want to make this very important GREAT first impression? The first way is having a Modern and clean, professional website – this is one of the best ways of converting new customers. And how you get them to found you on google? is with our SEO service. Interesting fact for you, Did you know that over 80% of people search online before buying a product or service? And most of that 80% of people, a majority of them have come from Mr. Google. Yes, Google is still the top  in 2019

It’s no mistake that Vancouver is located in the “Richest part of Canada”. This high economically healthy city is home to hundreds of thousands of Stunning businesses, and we’re Aimed to contribute to Van City with our Vancouver Web Design services.

We’re Happy to service the Vancouver Web Design competitive market! Many of us grew up here, and like all “Vancity people” – we fell in love with the fast life and busy of this great city. 

Vancouver web design | WordPress vancouver
Vancouver web design | WordPress vancouver

SEO in Vancouver

Search engine optimization is second nature to our website guru, SEO experts. We help with: Google Analyticson-page SEOLocal SEOGoogle Webmaster Tools,  off-page SEO, backlinking, Yelp Optimization, Google My Business, Google Maps, & Schema structured data (gets your site those cool rich snippets!).


Our Vancouver Webdesign Expert will set your business up for  long Term and bring Visitor to your website like never before. We offer, all kind of service from Simple web design to, logo design, Flyers, banner, 3d Video with your logo and much more.

Vancouver eCommerce web design
With great business opportunities comes to a huge amount of competition – a point often overlooked. But every cloud has it’s gold lining! Here at Webbc & Design, our mission is to help YOUR business stand out from the crowds. We’ll take the time to walk you through our Vancouver Website Design services. From choosing a domain name for your website ( to building a user-friendly website design for your business. We will make it easy for you all the way through.

But hold it – Vancouver Web Design isn’t the only thing that we focus on. We also take care of all of your graphic design needs. We will design your business cards, logos, brochures and much more!

Click [here] to visit our pricing page, you’ll see a break down of prices for each of the services that we offer. If you have any questions, just click [here] to send us a message, we’ll get back to you at the drop of a hat.

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